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Concept, scenography, dramaturgy, performance: Sarah Ama Duah
Choreography: Sointu Pere
Performance: Naomi Boima, Rositsa Mahdi
3D Art: Gisèle Moro, Lisa Kaschubat
Soundtrack: Anna Lucia Nissen

In the ongoing series to build to bury to remember, Sarah Ama Duah concerns herself with the deconstruction of memorials and develops hybrid forms between sculpture and bodies. In doing so, she follows a sculptural approach and invites additional performers to reflect upon the fetishized status of historic monuments together performatively by shaping themselves into alternative, temporary monuments made of latex using their own bodies. The invitation within this immersive and installation-like space is also extended to the audience members, who can place themselves freely throughout the space. What diverse forms of sculptural appreciation exist? Who do we want to dedicate this to and what are we actually dedicating? How do we deal with the empty space that remains when colonial monuments are torn down?



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