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exhibition view @ Spoiler Zone 2023

Burn Out is an interactive tech ritual that you can perform anywhere on your device.

Inspired by Isabell Lorey's work "State of Insecurity", Burn Out addresses the current socio-political destabilization explores the concepts of discipline, control, and guilt within. Using the term as both literal and figurative, Burn Out becomes a hybrid of sculpture, augmented reality as well as live performance.

The app (BurnOut2023 in the app store) guides you through different steps of the Augmented Reality experience. Quotes are mapped onto physical sculptures and animations can be places anywhere. The viewer is constantly challenged to move in the physical space, in order to experience the work.

The dented and burned Plexiglass sculptures are reminiscent of car accidents or police protection shields on which the experience of violence is visible. The tech (AR App) burns writing into the object, thus becoming a memorial. Quotes can be read, which are references from the live performance and connect different strands of thought on the subject of burnout. Meanwhile, I light the alcohol that I used to wash my body. What you see burning is my body on flames.



1) 1,12 m x 0,84 m x 1,26 m

2) 1,75 m x 0,86 m x 0,95 m

3) 0,96 m x  0,85 m x  0,94 m

Plexiglass and Steel


Live Performance at Won't you get your Big Machine, Spoiler Aktionsraum 2023

Screenrecords from visitors at Rundgang 2023

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